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Earlier on Tuesday Mr Rutte had issued a call for calm in the dispute with Turkey.
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Why were GMOs created, anyway?

Why were GMOs created, anyway?
GMO expert Jeffrey Smith explains how and why GMOs happened.


Hint: It has something to do with the world's most popular herbicide.

This quick video presented by asks GMO expert Jeffrey Smith, founder of the Institute for Responsible Technology offers a brief overview of the GMO creation story along with alarming thoughts about the future, including the possibility of “new allergens, toxins and anti-nutrients we don't even know about yet.” - 12月2日成都公积金延时服务暂停

Make it a double feature and check out a trailer for Smith's flick, 涂料行业:转型升级 撑过去就是凤凰涅槃 Find scary movies (and their trailers) addictive? Here's a (somewhat) related promo for this summer's horror flick, "Aftershock." Nothing to do with GMOs but looks equally creepy.

On another related note, the new app Buycott allows you to scan the barcode of a product and view a corporate family tree on your phone screen, reports “I don’t want to push any single point of view with the app,” Ivan Pardo, the 26-year-old freelance programmer behind the app told Forbes. “For me, it was critical to allow users to create campaigns because I don’t think it’s Buycott’s role to tell people what to buy. We simply want to provide a platform that empowers consumers to make well-informed purchasing decisions.”

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  • 他说:“比如说,如果他们拖延从韩国进口的海关流程并采取对韩国商品的其他报复举措,韩国政府对此将无能为力。”
  • “双十一”即将来袭,木门企业搞好渠道赢先机