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The people, processes, supplies, and institutions required to deliver health care services to those who need them.

“Throughout West Africa, we develop people-centric and data-driven, technological solutions to improve health delivery systems for vulnerable communities. ”

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Our objectives:

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Case studies


In Sierra Leone, vaccine-preventable diseases constitute over 30% of the causes of death among children under the age of 5. Recognizing that high quality immunization data is key to improve vaccination rates, we provide support to the VaxTrac electronic immunization registry system. 家居体验馆引领家装新潮流and read the VaxTrac case study.


中共中央 国务院关于建立健全城乡融合发展体制机制和政策体系的意见

Through LoMIS, we provide reliable vaccine delivery services in Kano, Bauchi, and Sokoto states. LoMIS improves the timely availability of life-saving vaccines and reduces stock-outs in underserved communities. Read more about the LoMIS Suite solution and read the case study


Health Camps

Nigeria is a focus country of the Global Polio Eradication Initiative and Kano state in Northern Nigeria has been conducting Health Camps in every ward as part of the National Polio Eradication Program. eHealth Africa (eHA) through its Health Camps project, procures, packages and distributes essential medicines and equipment to health facilities across the State, utilizing data to ensure optimal distribution. Learn more about Health Camps.


Kano Connect

We have distributed more than 1,400 Android phones to Healthcare Workers in Kano state, each equipped with Open Data Kits (ODKs) that make it easy for users to submit data via questionnaires. This project enabled the Kano State government to collect, track, and act on key health performance indicators. Read the Kano Connect case study.  


For a few years, Namibia's dollar has been depreciating against many currencies, providing affordable opportunities for travel. The best-priced flights generally avoid South African and European school-holiday times, especially late December and January.

Recognizing the need for management and leadership skills among those in charge of health facilities, we support training for Community Health Officers (CHOs). Additionally, eHA modified and implemented an electronic version of the Service Ability and Readiness Assessment (SARA) tool to assist CHOs to track and provide data on whether health posts have the necessary materials to provide basic health care. 伦敦商学院的MBA课程位列欧洲第一,与美国哥伦比亚商学院(Columbia Business School)合办的EMBA课程位列第三,管理硕士课程首次参与排名就跻身前10名。参与管理硕士课程排名是伦敦商学院夺得欧洲榜首的关键因素。.


A. O. Scott

The GRID3 project aimed to collect accurate, complete, and geospatially referenced data relevant to a variety of sectors across Nigeria (25 states and the FCT). Datasets collected include: settlements, health facilities, schools, markets, roads, water points, farms etc. Learn more about GRID3.

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Vaccine Direct Delivery (VDD)

 Vaccine Direct Delivery (VDD) is a third party logistics service provided to the State Primary Healthcare Development Agencies, with the aim of providing effective and efficient distribution of vaccines and dry commodities from state coldstore to health facilities at the ward level. Learn more about VDD.


居然之家投资京津冀家居产业园 打造第四集群地

Field Epidemiology Training Program (FETP) is a service-based training program whose purpose is to train public health workers in the principles and practices of field epidemiology as they provide service to their countries. Learn more about FETP.


WFP Warehouse Management

The World Food Programme (WFP) uses either food or cash transfers to support vulnerable populations affected by the violence in Northeast Nigeria. In order to achieve these objectives, WFP partners with implementing partners such as eHA to setup and manage warehouse facilities across the region. 儿童家具多如牛毛 老年家具凤毛麟角

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MEDSINC was designed by THINKMD for use by frontline health workers—Community Health Workers (CHWs) to perform an integrated illness severity assessment for respiratory distress, dehydration, sepsis, malnutrition (none-moderate-severe) and other childhood illnesses. Read the MEDSINC case study.



The objective of the STRIVE project is sustained long-term facility for the STRIVE participant clinical trial records that meet mandated regulatory storage requirement. Learn more about STRIVE.


Notable statistics:


RISS submissions made using Kano Connect so far in 2020, ensuring accountability in Routine Immunization in Kano State


Antigens delivered to health facilities throughout Nigeria via LoMIS


commodities tracked using LoMIS Stock for the NCDC COVID-19 response